Target For Economic Hit Men?

Was Iceland a Target for Economic Hit Men? I confessed the sins of predatory politicians and analyzed the reasons for the current meltdown in my book Hoodwinked. I am a openly admit being a reformed economist. If we return to our “normal” blueprints for the global economy, it would prove disastrous! The steps to transform “the mutant form of capitalism” into a system based

Huffington Post – Passion Of 2012, Christ & The New Year

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your family and friends. I’ve posted a new blog on the Huffington Post and hope too that you will find time to read it. Here is an excerpt of the post, “During this holiday season, this time of celebrating Christ and other spiritual leaders, we might all pause to think about what we can do. Like Rosa Parks, we can all sit in

Jonathan Curiel’s True Slant Interview

I wanted to post this piece Jonathan Curiel wrote after we talked at the Commonwealth Club meeting in California. Here’s an excerpt of the piece and I’ve put a link to the full article as well. “Like other pundits and liberal economists, Perkins says the American public can’t assume Obama will do right on the economy. Through letter-writing, phone-calling, and other

Huffington Post – The True Meaning Of 2012

I can share this post in full later, but I hope you’ll go to The Huffington Post today and read my latest post, “The True Meaning of 2012.” Here is a short excerpt, “We have indeed entered a critical time in human history. A tsunami is rapidly building on the horizon. Every person on earth is connected like never before, through the Internet and cell phones. Most of us

Hoodwinked Book Review By Robert Baer

I wanted to share this review with you by the esteemed author Robert Baer. He posted it on Amazon, but I also wanted to post it here as well. I so appreciate all of the wonderful feedback I that “Hoodwinked” continues to inspire. Review

Robert Baer Reviews Hoodwinked
Robert Baer is the author of two New York Times bestsellers: Sleeping with the Devil, about the

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for your support of my work and my latest book, “Hoodwinked.” It is a great thrill to see how many people are inspired by the work. I also hope you’ll check out my new blog posts at  Huffington Post. I’m going to post as often as I can to both this blog and Huffington Post. See you on the book