Making A Better World in the New Year

It is only a few weeks into 2016 and I’m excited by the commitments I’ve seen around the world in the movements to turn a death economy, based on wars and ravaging the earth’s resources, into a life economy that supports socially just political systems and environmentally sustainable and regenerative economic systems. The idea that our economy can continue destroying the very resources

Take Action in the New Year

As 2015 rolled to an end, you may have been inundated by requests for donations from charitable organizations. You may be making plans now about whom you’ll donate to in the new year or would if you could afford to contribute money at all. It is important to understand that “donating” doesn’t necessarily mean digging into your bank account. You may instead seek to contribute by

Taxes, Politics, Corporations & You

Here we are gearing up for another election year with chatter about taxes bubbling up as usual. From the ideas of flat taxes to reducing taxes to stimulate growth and beyond, you’re sure to hear even more about who should be taxed and who shouldn’t. It’s true that most middle income and poor families in the U.S. are being heavily and unfairly taxed. Your taxes should be reduced

Reading The Signs Of A Failed Global System

What motivated terrorists to attack Beirut, Paris, Mali, the West Bank, Nigeria, the Russian plane, and other locations last month? I believe that many of them are angry, violent, desperate people who are fighting against something they don’t believe in more than that they are embracing the principles of ISIS. They follow fanatical leaders because they don’t know where else to turn. ISIS

Acts Of Terror Point To Failed Global System

The horrible terrorist attacks of recent months in Beirut, Paris, Mali, Nigeria, the West Bank and on the Russian plane are clear indications that the old approach to politics and economics that has resulted in a Death Economy is not working. It has become clear that violence only begets more violence, and that militarization does not offer protection against desperate people who are willing to

Being Thankful In The Consciousness Revolution

Most revolutions involve chaos, confusion, even pain and violence. Those on the side of positive change must push back against the powerful opposition, those who benefit from the status quo and who exploit others for their gain. If we are committed to peace, prosperity, and a sustainable future for our children, this kind of turmoil can seem counterintuitive. How can chaos and conflict lead to