Victories for Water Conservation Spur Action

NOTE: John will be teaching workshops on the Shift Network and on campus at the Omega Institute Rather than adding to the frenetic election discussion, I think it a good time to look at the resource that is replacing oil as the most important one for future economies—as well as the survival of just about all species. The effort to protect U.S. water celebrated victories last month when two

Verizon Strike Highlights Need for Fair Policies

NOTE: I will be teaching workshops on the Shift Network & at the Omega Institute! About 45,000 Verizon workers went on strike last month, making it the largest strike in the U.S. since the last Verizon strike in 2011. Their chief complaints include the outsourcing of jobs, job relocations, healthcare coverage and pay. Why should we care about this strike? As U.S. President Rutherford B

Surveillance: the Price for National Security?

NOTE: John will be teaching workshops on the Shift Network and on campus at the Omega Institute! Should you trust corporations with your personal information? Who poses a bigger threat, corporations or the government? Last month a 15-year cover-up of government surveillance was revealed in the U.K. Intelligence agencies were accessing private medical records, financial data and more under the

Speak Up About Weapons Makers’ Power

In the wake of all-too-common school shootings, President Barack Obama issued an executive order earlier this year to increase funding for mental health care, firearm licensing and background checks; encourage research into smart gun technology; and require dealers who ship firearms to notify the ATF if those firearms are stolen or lost. Wherever you stand on the issue, the amount of political

U.S. Consumers Rein in Big Ag and Send A Strong Message about People Power

U.S. consumers celebrated a couple of victories over multinational food industry economic hit men (EHMs) last month: Under pressure from various consumer groups, the U.S. Senate rejected HR Bill 1599 that would have made labeling genetically modified organisms (GMOs) voluntary. Referred to as the Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act by opponents, the bill would have favored corporations

Treat Every Day Like Earth Day

Spring is a time of renewal, highlighted by Earth Day this Friday. What if we didn’t reserve just one day for our planet and treated every day like Earth Day? The earth is offering us a strong message. The ice caps and glaciers are melting. The oceans are rising. Species are going extinct. This planet, our home, is demanding that we see her as a Living Earth. She is a biological member of a