Costa Rica — Revolution in Consciousness: Crossing the Perception Bridge

January 20-27, 2018

About This Event

Human perceptions have created the wars, pollution, species extinctions, social injustices, and other crises that currently threaten our planet. We are at the frontier of a world-changing revolution—a consciousness revolution. It will redefine relationships between perceived and objective reality and the impact we humans have on both. John Perkins—a trained shaman and former “economic hit man” who knows the system from the inside—explains that “objective reality” is dependent on our “perceived realities,” both personal and collective. Discover how we can create “perception bridges” that transport us from one reality (a stressful relationship or job; or a failed economic system) into a new reality (a loving relationship or deeply satisfying job; or an economic system that is itself a renewable resource). Come explore inspirational perspectives on the current problems, along with new solutions.

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