Guatemala Trip — A Journey To the Lands of the Maya

Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness with John Perkins and Daniel Koupermann
January 11-18, 2018

About This Event

Soar into the power and mystery of the ancient prophecies. Join John Perkins, NY Times bestselling author and leading expert on indigenous cultures and shamanism, and Daniel Koupermann, expedition guide and environmentalist, and local Mayan teachers and shamans on this life-changing adventure to the mountains and rain forests of Central America. Apply “shapeshifting” approaches; elevate yourself to higher states of conscious- ness; transform yourself and the world around you.

We are aware that Mayan astrologers identified December 21, 2012 more than a millennium ago, as the Great Turning – the beginning of a time of amazing opportunity to “shapeshift” human societies away from exploitation, brutality, and materialism into cooperation, compassion, and spirituality. The prophecies proclaimed that the process would begin several decades earlier and continue for many to come. Now almost five years later, with upheaval all around our planet, many of us are wondering what all this means for the future of the world and for us personally.

Be part of this select group of travelers who will explore, study, and dialogue about this turbulent time – and how to transform yourself and the human presence on this planet.

You are invited to join John, Daniel, and our Mayan friends on this journey to the heart of the Mayan culture and sacred lands.


January 11th: Arrive in Guatemala City. Transfer to a beautiful and very special colonial hotel in Antigua for the night.

January 12th: Antigua After breakfast everyone will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and meet all the other members of the group. John and Daniel will welcome everyone and create the context for the journey. Then we will participate in an introductory workshop with John to support the group in setting intentions and connecting with the energies and spirits of the land. After lunch we will take a walking tour of Antigua, visiting the most relevant sites of this colonial treasure of Guatemala.
 We will have dinner at our hotel.

January 13th: Iximche – Flores – Tikal National Park
 After breakfast we will leave the hotel for Iximche, a Mayan ruin. Here we will join a Mayan Nana (female shaman) who will guide us in an Initiation Ceremony with sacred fire. On our return to Guatemala City we will have lunch and enjoy the landscape of this rural area of the country.
 In the late afternoon we will fly to Flores – Petén. We will spend the night at the Tikal Jungle Lodge located inside the Tikal National Park (declared a World Heritage Site in 1979).
 Dinner will be at the hotel.

January 14th: Tikal
 After breakfast we will begin our first exploration of Tikal, one of the most important cities in the Mayan World. At the entrance of the park we will stop at a giant guardian Ceiba (Kapok) tree where we will join John in asking permission from the spirits of the trees, the land, animals, plants and elements for all of us to be there for the next three days. We will continue our walk in silence to the Great Plaza. Here we can explore the magnificent palaces and structures with our local Mayan guide and Tata (male shaman), Julio Tot – a friend of John and Daniel’s for many years and an authority on Mayan culture, ceremonies, and traditions. In the Great Plaza surrounded by pyramids and temples, we will have the opportunity to discover, meditate and connect with this magical place.

We will continue our walk through the forest to Temple IV, the highest of the Tikal pyramids. From the top there is a magnificent view of the entire area. Near here John and a Mayan Tata (male shaman) will make an offering on our behalf to the Mayan Wisdom honoring the transition to the new cosmic cycle and the beginning of the new era (which officially opened in December 2012 and continues to unfold). As we walk back to the hotel area we will pass through ceremonial sites. Here we will spend time exploring on our own and learning from Julio Tot the significance of the area.

We will have lunch at a lovely restaurant near the ceremonial sites. In the afternoon we can rest at the hotel, swim in the pool, or explore some of the other areas.
 After dinner we will have the opportunity to participate in a fire ceremony with John and Tata Domingo – who has worked with John and Daniel for many years and will stay with us during most of the rest of the trip – at the altar of an ancient Ceremonial Pyramid. In the past Tata Domingo has been joined and assisted by his wife and young daughter (a shaman in training) and we expect they too will be with us during our travels.

January 15th: Tikal The morning is for exploring Tikal – inner/outer journeys in this magical place of the prophecies, with an emphasis on your personal role in your life, the planet, and the universe.
 We will enjoy a very special lunch in the park. After lunch, we will return to the Great Plaza and then to the “Lost World” (the oldest area in Tikal), where we will do an Initiation Ceremony and call on our intention for understanding and completing our missions, materializing our dreams and doing whatever is next for each of us.

After dinner: A special optional ceremony inside Tikal.

Note: During the 15th and the 16th while we are in Tikal, Tata Domingo, the Mayan Shaman, will offer special individual “seed readings” (Mayan tradition) for each of the participants.

January 16th: Tikal – Topoxte – Yaxha – Peten Itza Lake After breakfast we will leave Tikal for Topoxte and Yaxha. Arriving at a small lake we will take a short boat ride across the lake to Topoxte Ruins for a cleansing ceremony at the altar of the main pyramid and a fire ceremony. This site is spectacular and seldom visited by anyone outside the Maya community. We will go back to the other shore of the lake for lunch, and then visit Yaxha.

Here we will see the North Acropolis, and walk to the highest pyramid of the site known as Pyramid 216, which is more than 10 stories high. From here there is an unforgettable view of the surrounding jungle and lake. Lunch at a restaurant on the way to out next hotel.

We will travel to the Tikal Camino Real Hotel, located on the shore of Peten Itza Lake. Lake Peten Itza is set within the Maya forest which constitutes the largest continuous expanse of tropical forest remaining in Central America. Lake Peten Itza is about 48km long and covers an area of 98 km2. The lake is 50m below sea level and likely to have held water during arid glacial periods. We will have time to rest in this beautiful and elegant hotel (laundry opportunity), have dinner and enjoy the great views and facilities.

January 17th: Peten Itza Lake We will have a free morning to rest and relax. Also John and Daniel will be available for personal consultations.
 At approximately 3:30pm we will gather at the beach of the lake to participate in a Ritual Bath and Purification Ceremony. (John asks everyone to bring and wear white clothing for this ceremony – a bathing suit can be worn under the clothing if desired). While in the lake we will submerge ourselves 13 times with an offering that will be prepared for each of us, and then participate with a Nana and Tata (Mayan woman and man shaman) in a fire ceremony on the beach. Our farewell dinner will be at the hotel.

January 18th: Peten Itza Lake – Guatemala City After breakfast we will transfer to the airport for our flight to Guatemala City arriving mid-morning. A bus/van will take us to the International section of the airport for connections home or other destinations.



Cost per person: $3,900 (double occupancy).
 Initial deposit of $1000 will confirm your space. Second payment of $1900 is due September 1st, 2017. Balance of $1000 is due November 1st, 2017.
 Single Supplement: $900 per person.


All reservations are subject to availability. To make a reservation for the journey, please contact Linda Leyerle at for information about how to reserve your space and make your deposit for the journey. In Guatemala, it is not possible to reserve rooms, air tickets or park entrance fees without a copy of the traveler’s passport. Linda will give you details about how to send a copy to us. Time is of the essence so please respond as soon as possible if you are interested in this journey.

Cost includes: Private tour bus or van for travel during the journey, all meals, hotels, tips for restaurants and hotels, water during meals, transportation to and from airport in Guatemala, intra-country flights, entrance fees, local guide and/or shamanic guide to share history and archaeological information, Mayan shaman to share ancient teachings and traditional ceremonies.

Cost does NOT include: Roundtrip airfare to Guatemala City, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, “seed readings” with the shaman, tips for the guides, shamans and private bus driver, personal items and souvenirs.

This journey is for individuals ready to have an educational/experiential experience. Persons with physical or psychiatric challenges may find this journey too difficult or uncomfortable. We recommend a visit with your doctor at least 6 weeks in advance of departure. No immunizations are required unless you will be entering Guatemala from a country with Yellow Fever – in which case you will need a Yellow Fever immunization and be prepared to show proof. We will not be in high altitudes in Guatemala.  More information is available on the CDC webpage. No visas are required for most people entering Guatemala (US, Canadian, EU, Australia and New Zealand citizens). If you have questions about this, please let us know. Your passport must be valid at least 6 months after the date of your return (July 20th, 2018). Once you have reserved your space, we will send you more information – packing lists, info about the country, etc. You will be fully prepared for the journey.

Note: While at the Tikal Jungle Lodge, internet will be intermittent. Please let friends and family know that you may be off-line much of this time.

Also, Linda is always available by email for any questions or concerns – whatever they may be.

Cancellations & Refunds: Due to availability of space on our journey and the time required to process trip reservations, your deposit will not be refundable if received after October 1st, 2017. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance in order to protect yourself in case extenuating circumstances force you to cancel your trip. Travelex or CSA are two respected possibilities.

Responsibilities: ANDEAN PATHS reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a participant at any time, and to make changes in the itinerary whenever deemed necessary for the comfort, convenience, and safety of our participants, and to cancel a journey at any time. In the event a journey is cancelled, ANDEAN PATH shall have no responsibility beyond the refund of monies paid to it by program participants as listed. By registering, the participant agrees that neither ANDEAN PATHS and/or their affiliates shall be liable for any damages, loss or expense occasioned by any act or omission by any supplier providing services to any program participant. The only reason that Andean Paths would cancel a program is for safety reasons due to impassable roads, protests in Guatemala, or similar unforeseen events.

John and Daniel are very excited about the opportunity to share this amazing journey with you.

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