Sivananda Bahamas Yoga Retreat

February 1-3, 2017

About This Event

Consciousness Revolution: Changing to a Peace Economy

“Are you committed to creating a better world for yourself and future generations? Come be part of the change. In this inspiring program, shaman and economist John Perkins calls on us to join the greatest revolution in history: the Consciousness Revolution, as people around the world are waking up to the need to open to a new understanding of who we are and how we relate to our planet. John writes and travels the world teaching that critical to this revolution is the shift from a Death Economy, based on militarization and stealing the earth’s resources, to a Peace Economy, based on cleaning up pollution, helping hungry people feed themselves, and developing new energy, transportation, communications, marketing, and banking systems.

In this hands-on experiential program, John introduces the key to creating positive change, what indigenous shamans call shapeshifting, the ability to alter form at will. You will explore the three levels of shapeshifting — cellular, personal, and institutional — and learn to alter energy patterns, access new levels of awareness, connect with the elements, invoke sacred guides, release your limitations and barriers, and more.” –

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