How to Write a Bestseller in Times of Crises: Using the Power of Story to Accelerate Change

July 11-September 29, 2017

About This Event

Note from John: I was recently invited to speak at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum by one of President Putin’s top advisors, on June 1-3, and also the Xth Anniversary Astana Economic Forum on June 15-16 in Astana, Kazakhstan. I will be included in a roundtable meeting with the President of Kazakhstan and there is the possibility of also meeting with President Putin. Dream Change Executive Director Samantha Thomas also has been invited to the Kazakhstan meetings, and the organizers have expressed an interest in holding a Dream Change Love Summit there. These are both great opportunities to continue the paradigm shifting work that is our commitment. It has taken a huge effort to try to coordinate travel plans, obtain Russian visas, etc. In the end, I am unable to avoid being on a plane during the initial dates we had scheduled for our writers’ webinar. Also, we are concerned about the availability and quality of internet services and Skype during the next couple of sessions. As a result, we have decided that it only makes sense to update the dates of the webinar (new dates below). 

You may write to entertain, tell a good story, and because you enjoy writing. You probably also write in order to spread an idea. Through either fiction or nonfiction, you want to express thoughts and feelings that you know are worth sharing. This is especially important in times of crises — like right now!

New York Times bestselling author John Perkins offers the experiences of his many years of writing bestsellers to help you improve your skills, get published, and reach large audiences. In this webinar he shares personal stories about what inspires him and what it takes to get your message across. All sessions will include writing exercises and discussion.

In this 4-session webinar, you will:

  • Hone your skills to inspire, entertain, and motivate audiences;
  • Open your heart and soul to the muses of writing;
  • Utilize effective techniques to captivate audiences – as well as agents and publishers;
  • Learn the pros and cons of marketing tools, including the use of publicists and social networking; and
  • Join an intimate salon of talented writers.

This webinar is limited to 24 talented participants. It is intimate and participatory. Sessions will include writing exercises and the opportunity to get to know John personally. Participants will have the option of coming together in smaller groups to discuss and critique their work; each of these smaller groups will have an additional hour-long mentoring session with John. At the end of the course, participants who have demonstrated a high level of motivation and skill will have the opportunity to arrange for private mentoring sessions with John.

Session dates & times (via Skype): 
Session 1: Tuesday July 11 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST
Session 2: Tuesday July 25 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST
Session 3: Tuesday Aug 22 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST
Session 4: Tuesday Sept 26 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST

Interested in attending but can’t make all 4 sessions? Download this free call recorder for Skype.

Cost: $780 for all 4 sessions. All payments must be made in full. Due to the exclusive and limited nature of this course, no refunds will be made after April 15, 2017.

See the full course syllabus and reserve your spot here.