Mayan Mystery Resolved: A Call to Action

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The great Stone pyramid rose out of the jungle like a volcano into the morning sky. A monument to endurance, it had defied gods who sent hurricanes across the Gulf of Mexico to destroy it and grave robbers who hacked away at it for countless centuries, picking it clean of all its jade and gold, leaving only the rocks, the plants that took root along its precipitous walls, and the carved figure at its summit.

It seemed part of the landscape, a cousin to the forest; but the pyramid had been conceived by people, every stone set in place by human hands. It was the creation of a civilization of magicians who had transformed the Yucatán from a tangled jungle into a land of agricultural bounty, splendid cities, and architectural masterpieces.

The Maya drained the swamps. They constructed massive island-like platforms in the marshes that allowed human culture to flourish where crocodiles once had reigned. They devised a calendar more accurate than the one we use today, created their own written language, built temples as graceful as any found on the Acropolis, and pyramids that, in beauty and majesty, surpass the best of Egypt.

Then these magicians performed their most mysterious act, one that has baffled archaeologists and philosophers, anthropologists and poets ever since.

It was an incredible feat of transformation. Like a wizard who flicks his wand and returns to the nest of his mother’s womb, this entire culture, this civilization of people who had toiled for centuries to rise up out of the swamps, transported itself back to the time of its ancestors. The Maya abandoned their cities and deserted their monumental pyramids, leaving their brilliantly illustrated books, sophisticated calendars, and architectural secrets to the mercy of the jungle. They returned to the forest.

…I wrote those words in Shapeshifting long before 2012, the year that all the Mayan calendars ended, the new cycles began, and the answer as to why the Maya deserted their magnificent cities was answered. In brief, by cutting the forests, draining the swamps, and building so many cities, they altered their environment and caused climatic changes that forced them to abandon what had become an unsustainable way of life.

As I look forward to taking a group of people to these sacred Mayan sites, doing fire ceremonies and other rituals, and receiving personal readings and healings from the women and men shamans in January 2018, I keep thinking about the importance of the Maya’s message.

Mayan legends say that 2012 marked the transition point from an old era that was characterized by a brutal, highly materialistic, ego-driven mythological ruler (who caused the destruction to their environment) into a new period characterized by leadership that is compassionate, generous, spiritual, and ecologically-savvy. The prophecy says that this transition point is a portal of potential and that during the coming decade we humans must take the actions necessary to pass through that portal.

At an invitation from Mayan elders, I took people to work with and learn from Mayan teachers and shamans several years before 2012. Then in 2012, I began what have become annual pilgrimages there dedicated to facilitating the transition from the old era into the new one.

The shamans tell us that the political and climatic turmoil that currently sweeps our planet is a sign that we’ve entered the portal. When portals open, the vortexes of energy that are released cause hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, landslides, and other acts of nature, as well as political upheaval.

Now is the time for us to pass through that portal, to reshape the present and the future. It is a time to recognize that all the challenges offer opportunities. We are the ones who can usher in an era of compassion, generosity, spirituality, and environmental sustainability.

If you are inspired to learn more and to become a true agent of change, please join me and the Mayan teachers and shamans in their sacred lands January 11-18, 2018.

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