My Trip To Iceland

Hello Everyone,

The trip to Iceland was amazing. In 2007 the World Bank classified it as the 3rd wealthiest country on the planet (per capita). Today it is considered the first developed country to go bankrupt, primarily because it got “hit” by economic hit men.

Winifred and I were there last week for the premiere of an amazingly beautiful, and sobering, story of how EHMs destroyed the economy — and many of the natural resources — in this spectacular country.

We were the guests of the producer — a successful and dedicated Icelandic businessman — and also there to speak to the media and at an overflow crowd at the University of Iceland. The by-invitation-only premiere was held in a 1000 seat movie theatre and was completely packed. We sat next to the president and his wife. The film crew received a 10-minute standing ovation at the end.

The movie is extremely well-done, has magical scenes of the country and a Dolby sound-track. Not available to the general public yet, as it will be making the film festival circuit.

Here’s the trailer:

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