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Message from the Legendary Elder Siblings

I write this in-flight, returning from a magical trip to the Kogi of Colombia. I write this having seen and heard the airport TV reports of the trauma that continues to dominate US politics, as well as those in many other countries. Last year my Ecuadorian partner, Daniel Koupermann, and I took a group to the amazing lands of the Kogi – people who have a message for us all. They came down from

Our Activism Rejecting Corporatocracy In Venezuela Is Working

I wanted to follow up on the Huffington Post “Reject U.S. Corporatocracy Ambitions in Venezuela, Iran, against Wikileaks. . . ” article I wrote – and let all of you know that our activism and the growing public outcry has forced Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia’s new president, to be conciliatory toward Venezuela. We see this in his statement, “”We have decided that both countries

New Huff Post – Reject U.S. Corporatocracy Ambitions In Venezuela & Iran

Venezuela, Colombia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Wikileaks, BP, assassination squads – these are times that try our souls (to paraphrase Tom Paine). These are times that raise our ire. These are times for action! I receive lots of emails about the subjects listed above. In recent days I have been inundated with emails from people who believe the U.S. is about to take action against the