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What Will 2017 Bring?

It’s a question on many minds as we begin this new year. It is perhaps asked more now than ever before in my life-time โ€“ and that spans 7 decades. All we can say for sure is that we are

The Answer is Never Violence

Attorney General Loretta Lynch on July 8, 2016 said about the shooting of police officers in Dallas: “The answer is never violence.” I totally agree with the Attorney General. I have to wonder why President Obama and just about every other politician โ€“ Democrat and Republican alike โ€“ and just about every US government official does not agree with her. Why can they not see that

Timeless Wisdom From The Indigenous People

In December and January I will take small groups of people on sacred journeys to Latin America and amazing Indigenous teachers. There are still a few spots available. See below for more information. The Love Summit 2015 presented by Dream Change was a wonderful and inspiring discussion of how business can change the world with LOVE. The highlight video is very special. I just returned from the