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Timeless Wisdom From The Indigenous People

In December and January I will take small groups of people on sacred journeys to Latin America and amazing Indigenous teachers. There are still a few spots available. See below for more information. The Love Summit 2015 presented by Dream Change was a wonderful and inspiring discussion of how business can change the world with LOVE. The highlight video is very special. I just returned from the

The Corporatocracy & Us

Leaders from around the world met in Davos, Switzerland for an Economic Summit in January. Oxfam reported at that summit on recent economic trends that indicate 85 individuals own more wealth than 50% of the rest of the world. This dramatic inequality highlights what has been going wrong for decades as the rich work to grow richer instead of to ensure that all of us have access to basic human

Lessons On Capitalism From An Unlikely Source

When I lead groups of people on journeys to Peru, Guatemala, and Ecuador we always learn a great deal from indigenous people about the power of our relationships with nature and about our own ability to shapeshift. Participants these days are especially struck by the economics of the local marketplaces as they contrast to our current destructive system of capitalism. I know that some of you will