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Sleeping on a Volcano

Last night I slept on the slopes to Tungurahua, a highly active volcano in Ecuador. I felt the earth shiver, heard her rumble, and smelled her smoke. I was very conscious that this earth of ours, our home – what the local Quichua people refer to as Pachamama – is truly a Living Earth.

A few days earlier I had travelled down the Avenue of Volcanoes, also in Ecuador, and had passed by

The New Story – Interbeing

As seen on I’m excited to be co-hosting the annual Love Summit organized by Dream Change this summer. Please join us! Information below. The old story: violence to end violence. Destruction of resources to create economic growth. Profiting from separation. “They” are different; “they” are the problem. Netanyahu clamors for

Dreaming A New World – Indigenous Shaman Meets Economic Hit Man

In preparing for my session Dreaming a New World: Indigenous Shaman Meets Economic Hit Man at the Spring of Sustainability Summit on Wednesday April 4,  3-3:30 pm ET hosted by Julia Butterfly Hill, I’ve been mulling over the following: This is the  era of prophesies. Ancient cultures around the planet foresaw this as a time  to dream and manifest a sustainable and just world for all