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Creating Reality – Yours and the World’s

Join John at his “How to Write a Bestseller” webinar – a few spaces still available – and “Prosperity Through Creativity” September workshop at Omega. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. – Michelangelo Michelangelo understood that creativity springs from perception. He perceived an image in the marble and – at other times – on the canvas; then he

The New Story – Interbeing

As seen on I’m excited to be co-hosting the annual Love Summit organized by Dream Change this summer. Please join us! Information below. The old story: violence to end violence. Destruction of resources to create economic growth. Profiting from separation. “They” are different; “they” are the problem. Netanyahu clamors for

Occupy The Dam – Brazil’s Indigenous Uprising

In the Amazonian backcountry, tribes are challenging construction of the world’s third-largest dam—by dismantling it. Here’s what they can teach us about standing up to power.            Last month, hundreds of indigenous demonstrators began dismantling a dam in the heart ofBrazil’s rainforest to protest the destruction it will bring to lands they have loved and