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Mayan Mystery Resolved: A Call to Action

Limited space available: Journey to the Maya, Jan 11-18, 2018. Trip to Colombia: sold out. The great Stone pyramid rose out of the jungle like a volcano into the morning sky. A monument to endurance, it had defied gods who sent hurricanes across the Gulf of Mexico to destroy it and grave robbers who hacked away at it for countless centuries, picking it clean of all its jade and gold, leaving

Dreaming A New World – Indigenous Shaman Meets Economic Hit Man

In preparing for my session Dreaming a New World: Indigenous Shaman Meets Economic Hit Man at the Spring of Sustainability Summit on Wednesday April 4,  3-3:30 pm ET hosted by Julia Butterfly Hill, I’ve been mulling over the following: This is the  era of prophesies. Ancient cultures around the planet foresaw this as a time  to dream and manifest a sustainable and just world for all