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Mayan Mystery Resolved: A Call to Action

Limited space available: Journey to the Maya, Jan 11-18, 2018. Trip to Colombia: sold out. The great Stone pyramid rose out of the jungle like a volcano into the morning sky. A monument to endurance, it had defied gods who sent hurricanes across the Gulf of Mexico to destroy it and grave robbers who hacked away at it for countless centuries, picking it clean of all its jade and gold, leaving

Shapeshifting Into 2015

As the end of 2014 approaches, it is an ideal time to think about the future. Not only the immediate future of 2015, but the future that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will inherit from the actions we take today. I’ve traveled to many parts of the world during the past 12 months giving talks and workshops on economics, shapeshifting, the environment, and the changing geo-political

Lessons On Capitalism From An Unlikely Source

When I lead groups of people on journeys to Peru, Guatemala, and Ecuador we always learn a great deal from indigenous people about the power of our relationships with nature and about our own ability to shapeshift. Participants these days are especially struck by the economics of the local marketplaces as they contrast to our current destructive system of capitalism. I know that some of you will