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Government Shutdown – A Corporatocracy Strategy

It appears that the stalemate/gridlock madness has ended – at least for a short period. But before you utter a sigh of relief, please consider the costs — estimated to be in the trillions — to the economy and the toll taken on the U.S.’s reputation around the world. Consider also that during this time, members of Congress were paid while the rest of us, including government

New Huff Post – Fake Accounting, Greed, & Oil

I’ll hope you take time to read my latest blog post at Huffington Post, titled,  “Fake Accounting, Greed and Oil.” I’ve included an excerpt of the post below. While countries around the world continue to watch their economies collapse, and Goldman-Sachs leaders testify to Congress about how they manipulated both their shareholders and the American public, we are also

Don’t Let The Robber Barons Fool You

I hope you’ll check my latest post on Huffington Post titled, “Don’t Let the Robber Barons Fool You” . Here is an excerpt and make sure you read the whole post on the site and please share and comment as well! “I thought it might be timely in anticipation of April Fool’s Day to talk about the foolish status of our modern day celebrity and robber baron