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Does the Next President Matter?

Presidential election

As I travel around the country discussing my new book The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man  and meeting with people from all walks of life, I hear a great deal of discouragement over the U.S. presidential election. So I try to encourage people to look at the positive side and see what we can affect. Here are a couple of key points: 1) The extreme divergence between the left and the right

Vote and Then Act in Favor of Democracy

We are in the thick of presidential primary season in the U.S. By all means, educate yourself and vote for candidates who support tax and economic reforms that target predatory practices by corporations. Don’t vote and stop there though. Know that we the people must make the change. “They” won’t fix the system, so we must do it. Once elected, federal officials often don’t

Acts Of Terror Point To Failed Global System

The horrible terrorist attacks of recent months in Beirut, Paris, Mali, Nigeria, the West Bank and on the Russian plane are clear indications that the old approach to politics and economics that has resulted in a Death Economy is not working. It has become clear that violence only begets more violence, and that militarization does not offer protection against desperate people who are willing to