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Abby Martin On Breaking The Set & Restoring The Life Economy

Recently I spoke with Abbby Martin about the economic impact of the US’ new policy towards Cuba as well as the damage that international free trade agreements do to third world economies. Follow Abby Martin on

Free-Trade: A Death Economy Next Door

I am in Ecuador, having just spent nearly three weeks deep in the Amazon rainforests as one of the leaders of trips sponsored by Dream Change and the Pachamama Alliance. In addition to all the concerns in this country over the devastation caused by oil and mining companies, I’ve heard a great deal about the crises in Central America. Central America is far from peaceful and prosperous; the

A Neo-Cold War Battleground – Strange Bedfellows

A Neo-Cold War is brewing. We’ve witnessed it in Russia’s tense relationship with the US over Ukraine and Crimea and in China’s determination to gain economic leverage in countries where Washington and Wall Street have ruled supreme for decades. To add to this situation, conflicts in the Middle East have escalated. Islamic militarism has become a force to be reckoned with by many nations