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China’s Economy – A Warning & A Promise

The relationship between China and the US has been something of a roller coaster, from frosty to cordial, and everything in between. My time as an economic hit man gave me a unique opportunity to see China’s economy ebb and flow as it has developed into what it is today. The Chinese economy has vied with the US for first place among the largest economies in the world. It spent most of the past

The Corporatocracy & Us

Leaders from around the world met in Davos, Switzerland for an Economic Summit in January. Oxfam reported at that summit on recent economic trends that indicate 85 individuals own more wealth than 50% of the rest of the world. This dramatic inequality highlights what has been going wrong for decades as the rich work to grow richer instead of to ensure that all of us have access to basic human

Abby Martin On Breaking The Set & Restoring The Life Economy

Recently I spoke with Abbby Martin about the economic impact of the US’ new policy towards Cuba as well as the damage that international free trade agreements do to third world economies. Follow Abby Martin on