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Target For Economic Hit Men?

Was Iceland a Target for Economic Hit Men? I confessed the sins of predatory politicians and analyzed the reasons for the current meltdown in my book Hoodwinked. I am a openly admit being a reformed economist. If we return to our “normal” blueprints for the global economy, it would prove disastrous! The steps to transform “the mutant form of capitalism” into a system based

What’s Up With Free Trade in Colombia?

  On radio interviews I am frequently asked about the “free trade agreement” the Bush administration is trying to hammer out with Colombia and about John McCain’s recent trip to Colombia. Here’s my answer in a nutshell: Nine countries in Latin America have recently voted in presidents who are saying “no” to staying the course with international policies


We’ve been hearing a lot about terrorists and pirates for many years now; but reports about why they do what they do are just starting to filter through. A pirate who goes by the name Abshir Abdullahi Abdi explained his reasons on NPR’s Morning Edition, on May 6, 2006. “We understand what we’re doing is wrong. But hunger is more important than any other thing,” he