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Trans-Pacific Partnership – For The People Or For The Few?

The Trans Pacific Partnership, TPP, is an international treaty a decade or more in the making, the contents of which have been kept from the public. It has been fiercely debated in Congress and has received criticism from around the world. Kept under lock and key like a classified document, it doesn’t just involve the governments of the 14 sovereign nations from around the Pacific Rim: some 600

Greece: A Prophecy Fulfilled?

Join me in Colombia this December and in Guatemala in January. Details below. Greece is being told it owes the European Central Bank, the European Commission, and the International Monetary Fund more money than it can possibly pay. This is a familiar story, especially to anyone who has heard me talk about my background as an Economic Hit Man (EHM) many years ago. In the wake of irresponsible and

The New Story – Interbeing

As seen on I’m excited to be co-hosting the annual Love Summit organized by Dream Change this summer. Please join us! Information below. The old story: violence to end violence. Destruction of resources to create economic growth. Profiting from separation. “They” are different; “they” are the problem. Netanyahu clamors for