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Buen Vivir! Are We Losing Our Freedom? Or Is This The Time To Get It Back?

As published on CSRWire on March 5, 2014: The corporatocracy is striking out against our personal freedoms and squandering the trust we have placed in our leaders with our votes and our dollars. That their decisions aren’t made with the good of us all in mind is evidenced by

Leave Ukraine Alone Russia – Learn The Lesson U.S

There have been times in the course of human history when change is brought about with violence, anger, passion, and bloodshed. In recent years the two sides in such a clash are often the ruling class and big business (the corporatocracy) on one side, and the people affected by poverty and oppression on the other. The corporatocracy has the power to brutally withstand those fighting for a new way

Shut Down Bangkok, Restart Thailand

Please be sure to see my upcoming Online Course: Food, Plant and Animal Alchemy and Awakening Your Spirit listed at the bottom! I was in Thailand this past spring, 2013, and have always been impressed by the fact that it is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been occupied by European powers. Its history of freedom and self-rule is significant. This week, the citizens of Thailand