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Message from the Legendary Elder Siblings

I write this in-flight, returning from a magical trip to the Kogi of Colombia. I write this having seen and heard the airport TV reports of the trauma that continues to dominate US politics, as well as those in many other countries. Last year my Ecuadorian partner, Daniel Koupermann, and I took a group to the amazing lands of the Kogi – people who have a message for us all. They came down from

Pope Francis Highlights What Indigenous People Can Teach Us

I was in Mexico last month, speaking at the San Miguel de Allende Writers’ Conference when Pope Francis arrived in the country. I heard and felt the excitement surrounding the Pope’s visit and his message—especially the one about indigenous people. Although he made headlines when, questioned about Donald Trump’s candidacy, he suggested that Christians should build bridges, not

Pachamama Alliance Annual Luncheon 2014 – The Prophecy Of The Eagle & Condor

From the Pachamama Alliance San Francisco Luncheon on November 20th 2014. I retold the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor as told to me by our indigenous partners in the Amazon rainforest, a prophecy of balance between the heart and mind, between connection to the earth and