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Amazon Dreaming – The New Frontier & Ecuador’s Courageous President

August 25, 2012 I had not forgotten the rain forests or the incredible plants and animals that live here. Or the people – the Achuar and Shuar. They are with me every day – as I jog, walk and meditate in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, near my Washington home. Yet being here again, sleeping in an Achuar home, palm-leaf thatching above my head, rising to the sounds of the jungle, and

John Perkins To Receive Lennon Ono Grant For Peace 2012

September 26, 2012 Dear Friends, John Lennon is one of my heroes. His music, his writings, and the courage he exhibited when he spoke out against injustice and took actions for peace have inspired me since my college years. His example – his willingness to stand up to those who would have us believe that exploitation and war are part of the human condition and his commitment to creating a

The Courage To Fly

I hope you’ll read my latest piece in our enewsletter about courage. Here is an excerpt of the piece, “I’ve wanted to fly on the trapeze ever since I was a young boy watching my first circus under the Big Top that had been erected in my rural New Hampshire town. Those “daring young men and women” were magical. They defied gravity and soared like birds. But I had a problem: