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Breaking Bad Habits – Cuba, Afghanistan & Iran

Weekend workshop near Philadelphia: “Shapeshifting the Story” with John Perkins and Charles Eisenstein is coming soon! Details below. Being in Guatemala now, a month ago in Peru, and looking at spending a good portion of 2015 traveling again – in Latin America and the Caribbean, then on to Europe and Asia (My Schedule) – and with all the recent tragedies involving terrorists, I’m

Year In Review – Latin America In 2014

I just returned from a magical trip with a special group of people to amazing Peru. Our group experienced sacred sites and ceremonies with the Q’ero and other Quechua elders and shamans. Now I look forward to facilitating another group as we visit the sacred sites and great Mayan teachers of Guatemala beginning very soon, January 16 (to join visit:

Fighting Violence With Peace

The World Threatened NOTE: There is still limited space available on my January trip to Guatemala and the Mayan shamans. My December trip to Peru is fully booked and closed out. Please sign up for Guatemala at Now that the elections are over, it’s time to think about how we as individuals, and as a nation, respond to a