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Dream Change Workshop With Charles Eisenstein

We live in a time when humanity collectively faces a wide range of social, environmental and economic problems. While such challenges can often seem daunting and hopeless, Charles and John encourage us to continue pushing forward. As teachers, they have discovered that by uncovering each person’s true passions and talents, the individual gains a more purposeful meaning of life, and finds a new

True Prosperity

The search for prosperity is often confused with the search for material riches and power. For centuries, human kind has risked life, limb, and love in an effort to grasp ever more material wealth. Many generations have defined prosperity and success in terms of dollars and cents and the title next to a person’s name. I am in Istanbul at this time delivering the keynote address to a group of

The Two Faces Of Christmas

December 25th is a national holiday here in the United States, and for many people, a very special and sentimental time. For many others, it can be a day that only celebrates material things and the consumer mindset that has destroyed so much of the world. Around the globe, the holiday is celebrated by indigenous peoples from South America to Africa. In many of these countries, this day is set