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Stunning Maya Photos

I’m truly looking forward to my Maya journey later this year and hope you will join me. I wanted to post a couple of stunning Maya photos for you as well. Additional photos can be found on the Trips page on my site at this link. (photo credits: Lorenzo

Five Things American Youth Will Do To Change The World In 2012

As part of my work with young people, I’m also encouraging them to share their insight. This is a new post written by an incredibly bright young woman who works in Washington, D.C. I hope you’ll read it and feel free to share it as well. Five Things American Youth Will Do to Change the World in 2012

The Sit-In Heard Round The World

Returning from Istanbul where I spoke at a summit of 4,000 communications leaders and was interviewed on CNN, CNBC,  Bloomberg, and by the major newspapers about the importance of all the protest movements in the Middle East and Europe, I’m incredibly encouraged by events in my country. The sit-ins and demonstrations to protest the modern day robber barons and what they’ve done to us are