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Lessons from an Underground City

“Three families lived in this tiny space. On average, about 14 people.” Robert, our Edinburgh guide, spread his arms around a room that was approximately the size of the interior of a school bus. We were in the underground city, a portion of Scotland’s capital that had been buried for many years – and now lay vacant among the foundations of newer buildings. Robert walked to the

The Perception Bridge: Building a Better Reality

My success as chief economist at a major international consulting firm was not due to the lessons I learned in business school. It was not due to the competence of my staff of brilliant econometricians and financial wizards. Those things may have helped at times. But there was something else that made it all happen. That something else was the same something else that elevated George Washington

Plant Consciousness Live Interview

I really enjoyed this conversation with “Plant Consciousness Live” and am looking forward to my weekend of events in London this October. My itinerary is below; I’d love to see you there if you can make it. October 3-6, London, England: Friday, October 3rd – “Be The Change Symposium” – October Gallery, – part of The Pachamama Alliance’s “Up To Us”