The Awakening Heard Around The World

In the last few months, we have witnessed major events in the global awakening movement – most recently on the streets of Brazil and Turkey. These are just the latest of many examples, including the Occupy movement, Arab Spring, democratic revolutions in Latin America, and demonstrations in China and Russia. A Consciousness Revolution is taking place; people around the world are participating. The 99% are standing up to the 1%. The courageous demonstrators in Turkey and Brazil are leaders in that revolution.

Last Week, over a million Brazilians took to the streets of many cities in protest of the pervasive corruption, economic inequality, high taxes and poor public services. These massive protests reflect the long standing frustration among citizens with Congress and their government. Polls indicate that roughly 75% of Brazilians agree with the protestors. People are angered by the billions of dollars being spent on hosting the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics in Rio instead of being spent on education, hospitals, transportation and other public programs.

Although President Dilma Rousseff has already addressed the protests and emphasized that she does not tolerate corruption, the people of Brazil have not backed down. Evidently they are being taken seriously, as Congress convicted one of its members for embezzling public funds on Friday, making him the first federal law maker to go to jail in over 25 years.

In my last newsletter, I addressed the similar demonstrations in Turkey. There, a small peaceful protest in Gezi Park quickly evolved into a full scale movement and garnished the attention of the worldwide media after graphic pictures emerged revealing the brutal, excessive force unleashed upon the demonstrators by government forces.

I applaud the courage and tenacity of the demonstrators in Turkey, as well as those in Brazil, the United States and every other country; in demanding their rights, including the right to be heard. They stand for all of us who are subjected to governments that are increasingly authoritarian, including here in the U.S. These people are at the forefront of the Consciousness Revolution.

Now is the time for us to stand together. I encourage you to use all the platforms, resources and talents available to you to speak out for justice and to defend the rights guaranteed in the U. S. Constitution and those of so many other countries.

I was recently interviewed for an article published by Yeni Safak. It has come to my attention that it appears as though I support Prime Minister Erdogan and his brutal crack-down on Turkish citizens during the recent demonstrations. I absolutely do not support such actions. I abhor them. I am shocked by the violence and insensitivity of the government’s response and by the apparent lack of compassion on the part of Erdogan. To read the article, go to the link below. For an English translation, download Google Toolbar.


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