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Dear Friends,

Last week, you received an email from me calling for your support in many different ways to demand the reinstatement of Fundación Pachamama, the NGO in Ecuador that is a sister organization of the San Francisco-based organization that I co-founded, The Pachamama Alliance. Thank you for those who took action. (You can read that newsletter here.)

I am forwarding to you an email from my fellow Pachamama Alliance co-founder, Bill Twist, calling for your additional support by funding this work. Now more than ever the people of  Fundación Pachamama, the indigenous people of the rainforest, need your support.  Fundación Pachamama has tirelessly served as defenders of indigenous people, of human rights, of rights of Mother Earth for 16 years. They have done this peacefully and effectively. This is the time for us to financially support the work of these fine people.

Please donate now and read Bill’s comprehensive email below. We also appreciate you sharing this important information with your followers.

Thanks for your support.


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Bill Twist
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 2:18 PM
Subject: Breaking News: Government Cracks Down on Indigenous in Ecuador

To: John Perkins

 First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Dear John,

Fundacion Pachamama ProtestI’m sending you this message today to ask for your immediate support »

Last week The Pachamama Alliance’s work in the Amazon reached a major turning point – in the form of a disturbing government crackdown. This is proof of just how effective our work has been and the stakes have never been higher.

Please make a donation now to support our continued work in the Amazon »

In an act intended to stifle legitimate dissent, Ecuador’s President Correa shut down the offices of our sister organization, Fundación Pachamama, that for more than 16 years has successfully focused on protecting the rights of nature and indigenous peoples. Their critical on-the-ground work with indigenous allies has resulted in the preservation of millions of acres and the territories of several indigenous nations including tribes still untouched by the modern world.

This shut down won’t stop our undying determination to protect the Amazon and gain permanent protection for the most biodiverse rainforest on the planet.

A financial contribution from you today will allow us to continue our effective work. The government’s recent act means our work in the Amazon will be more challenging than ever. It also means we are more committed than ever to stand firm in our fight for indigenous rights and environmental sustainability, and to continue to advocate for permanent protected status for the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Please join me and our indigenous allies in standing for the Amazon and the indigenous peoples that have protected it for centuries. Make a special year-end contribution today »

I, The Pachamama Alliance family, and our partners in Ecuador, thank you for your unwavering commitment to a just, thriving, and sustainable world that truly works for all.

Bill TwistIn partnership,

Bill Twist
CEO of The Pachamama Alliance





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