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The Omega Institute is offering full scholarships for students and other people under 30 years old at the 5-day “Shapeshifting Business Leadership” workshop I am teaching this June 12-17. 

This intensive experiential program integrates modern business approaches with deep transformational processes and is aimed at inspiring and empowering current and future leaders to create a sustainable, just, thriving, and peaceful world. It complements the work that so many of us are doing.

Omega is committed to moving from the more personal work that has been its hallmark into this new level of changing the consciousness of corporate and government institutions and views this program as the portal into this arena.

Omega and I agreed that it would be important for scholarship students to have a vested interest — to cover their own living expenses (If on-campus: $212 for all food and board, double occupancy, tent (tent provided by Omega); $345 for single occupancy, tent; $485 for single room, dorm).

I hope you will encourage people on your email and other lists to attend.

Thank you for your support.


John Perkins

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