Shapeshifting Into 2015

As the end of 2014 approaches, it is an ideal time to think about the future. Not only the immediate future of 2015, but the future that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will inherit from the actions we take today.

I’ve traveled to many parts of the world during the past 12 months giving talks and workshops on economics, shapeshifting, the environment, and the changing geo-political landscape. I’ve spoken to and met with a wide assortment of people, ranging from high school and college students to corporate executives. We’ve discussed the mistakes of the past and ways we can work together to fix them now and in the future. The responsibility for doing this rests on each of us, as well as on our leaders and elected officials.

Indigenous peoples around the world tell us that this is a special time in the course of history; it has been foretold in the prophecies as an era of a global consciousness revolution. People are rising up in Romania, Thailand, Palestine, Crimea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; Latin Americans are defying Big Oil, mining, and the corporatocracy; many nations are coming together with financial solutions for their people as seen in BRICS, and other development banks that compete with the World Bank and IMF.

The impact that we make in the world starts in our homes and neighborhoods, and extends to our state, country, continent – the entire planet. We are all connected to each other and to the earth and universe – we all live on a tiny space station that has no escape shuttles. By gaining an international perspective instead of a viewpoint limited by geographic or ethnic boundaries, we can enter the next year with transformative intentions.

Let’s look past our own backyards and see that we all inhabit this fragile, beautiful planet together. It’s the only home we have. Let’s make a resolution to designate 2015 as the Year of the Consciousness Revolution. Let’s combine our resources, passions, and powers to create a just, peaceful, and prosperous future.

About John Perkins

John is a founder and board member of Dream Change & The Pachamama Alliance, non-profit organizations devoted to establishing a world future generations will want to inherit & the author of the NY Times bestseller, Confessions Of An Economic Hitman.

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