Shut Down Bangkok, Restart Thailand

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I was in Thailand this past spring, 2013, and have always been impressed by the fact that it is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been occupied by European powers. Its history of freedom and self-rule is significant.

This week, the citizens of Thailand have made their voices heard by organizing themselves to effectively shut down the city of Bangkok in protest of the current administration. Leaders of the opposition are calling for sweeping governmental changes, starting with the removal of prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The protesters declare that they will not give up until the political machine that is rife with vote-buying and other under-handed practices has been eradicated. Their solution for the dishonesty in the upcoming election, scheduled for February 2, is to shut down the major voting sites such as Bangkok and appoint a “People’s Council” that will be immune to the corruptions that they say have infected the present regime.

The situation in Thailand, unfortunately, is one more example of how the authorities prefer to step in with massive police forces instead of listening to what their people want and working with them toward a better future. Though the army has said that it hopes to avoid violence, security forces are on alert, shots have already been fired, and tensions are high. Neither side is showing signs of weakening. Opposition leader Suthep Thaugsuban is vowing to “Shut down Bangkok; Restart Thailand.” He claims that losing is not an option. As the situation in the capitol intensifies, fear of aggression from the government is strengthening the protesters’ resolve.

This is just another case of the consciousness revolution occurring across our amazing planet, of people waking up to the fact that they are being exploited by their governments and corporations. We’ve experienced this before (The Awakening Heard Around the World,) and we will continue to experience it as the revolution gains momentum and crosses more borders around the world.

This is a powerful trend. We witnessed it in the Occupy Movement, a protest against social and economic inequality; the Arab Spring, a series of pro-democracy rebellions in almost 20 Middle Eastern countries that challenged the status quo and caused the governments and authorities to respond aggressively for fear of losing control; and the dramatically successful Latin American uprising in 10 countries that made a peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy. Corrupt governments and the corporatocracy are not as all-powerful as they would like us to believe. These rebellions are indications that We the People of the world have a power that is undeniable and that those in charge are fearful of us exercising that power.

Times really are changing. We can bask in the knowledge that those in power who are digging in and retaliating are sending a message that they are frightened and that We the People are winning. Now is the time to energize ourselves in continuing to move toward more people-oriented institutions where there will be peace and freedom for all.

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