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We need to take individual responsibility and action. Look to your passions, get involved by following YOUR path. One thing we all can do is to demand change from those who run our government and businesses. Here are links to petitions for an array of causes. Please find ones that appeal to you. VOTE!

To sign two very important petitions to Chevron go to these links below:

1. RAN’s Chevron campaign petition to Chevron Board Members, sign  here.

2. Call for Chevron to do the right thing, sign here.

Please also go to The Petition Site  often and bookmark it as well, it lists several very important and diverse petitions.

I value all you do for the world.

Many thanks,


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John is a founder and board member of Dream Change & The Pachamama Alliance, non-profit organizations devoted to establishing a world future generations will want to inherit & the author of the NY Times bestseller, Confessions Of An Economic Hitman.

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