Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness

As many of you know I work in tandem with an incredible partner and the Director of DreamChange – Llyn Roberts.

Our partnership has evolved over time and influenced our lives and many other lives in so many positive ways. Llyn’s book   Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness  is a powerful and actionable book for any one who wants to transform their lives and consciousness to a higher level.

I highly recommend it and wanted to share an excerpt from Llyn with all of you as well. I hope you will order the book and join us at our upcoming events together.

Excerpt from Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness (Llyn Roberts, O-Books 2011)


The power of dreaming was emphasized for me many years ago by a brilliant teacher who had completed a six-year mediation retreat. I was happy to see this man on a brief visit back to the United States to put his worldly affairs in order before re-entering retreat; this time for life. My mentor looked radiant. His soft blue eyes sparkled like sunlight dappling the ocean’s surface. During our moments together I asked how it felt to be leaving everything he knew behind. I will never forget what my teacher, now a Lama, said: “It was one day suggested to me that I would be better off living by myself in a cave. The person who told me this was extremely frustrated by my isolative tendencies.” The white haired man cracked an impish smile, “I was struck by how much that idea appealed to me! This dream was within me, but I hadn’t recognized it.” My friend concluded, “Llyn, wishes are everything. The deep wishes of our childhood, those we may not even remember or identify as wishes, can unfold our destiny if we give them credence. Our heartfelt longings hold untold power.”

As with my mentor, the realm of dreams and wishes may at first feel foreign, yet, we can reclaim them. With a little coaxing people relax and agree that embracing our heartfelt desires makes a better reality possible.

Once we uncover our deep longings for life, acting on them is like aiming an arrow in a bow and releasing it toward a desired target. A spiritual archer’s feet are firmly planted on the earth. The spread bow is like an open heart. The breadth of bow and the archer’s arms, as well as crown of the head, align heart and mind with the heavens. Relationship with body, earth and space is intuitive, precise. Aim and vision are guided by this alchemy that ripens in the heart. The arrow releases when heart and goal are one.

In the same way, in giving our wishes energy we open to a synergistic relationship with others, nature, and the universe. Made conscious, our wishes and longings are like magnets that attract resources, people and auspicious events to support them. In acting upon and experiencing tangible results from our actions, we can shift limiting beliefs and lifestyles. Spiritual manifestation technologies, such as those in books and movies like The Secret, work because they apply these same shamanistic and metaphysical principles. Many fashionable personal growth approaches are ego-driven, yet they understand that consciously directing energy encourages what we desire. To strengthen our intention we reflect with deep feeling; then relax and let the arrow fly. Feelings are like cosmic fuel. The more impassioned our wish, the more power is generated. Think back to when you accomplished something that did not at first seem doable. Was there a critical moment when you almost gave up but, instead, kept going and met your goal? What characterized this change, how did you feel in those moments?

We have all heard of people saving loved ones by moving a fallen tree deemed impossible for a person to budge; of a mother exerting equally inhuman strength to rescue her child pinned under a two and a half ton car; or of those walking with bare feet over glass or on 1,000 degree coals in ancient fire walking rituals. These are dramatic examples of how we can transcend fear, and focus the human will, to make what is otherwise impossible within reach. They show us that the dream is pliable and we can change it.

Energy is ultimately neither good nor bad and we all strategically, as well as unconsciously, influence reality. Cultures or individuals largely ignorant of the power of thoughts, feelings, and dreams, propagate imbalance. The same is true of those who adopt goals that are shortsighted and self-serving. If we shine the light of consciousness on acquiring four million dollar mansions, or building opulent pyramids based on worship, these we will manifest. Similarly, if we focus on sacredness, these intentions are magnified and manifested. Instead of using our inborn talents to bolster our ego or to yield windfall profits at nature’s or at another’s expense, why not direct them to benefit all of life?

Llyn Roberts, M.A., is the director of Dream Change, Inc. She has co-facilitated shapeshifting workshops with John Perkins for 15 years.

Join John and Llyn:

1) Shapeshifting webinar on September 24th (REGISTRATION INFORMATION!!!)

2) Master Healer and Shapeshifter Apprenticeship Program October 9-16 –

3) Shapeshifting in the Ancient Mayalands – December 1-12

Purchase Llyn’s book, Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness, through amazon links at  to benefit non-profit efforts.

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John is a founder and board member of Dream Change & The Pachamama Alliance, non-profit organizations devoted to establishing a world future generations will want to inherit & the author of the NY Times bestseller, Confessions Of An Economic Hitman.

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