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John Perkins has availability to speak at select events on a wide array of relevant topics. These programs can be presented in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute segments plus a Q& A session.

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Economic Crisis – The Hit Men Strike Home

Economic Crisis - The Hit Men Strike Home

The recent U.S. economic crisis is a classic hit by economic hit men – except this time we are the victims, instead of countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Drawing on personal experiences as an EHM with corruption and fraud as described in his blockbuster books, John Perkins explains how tools honed in economically developing countries during the past four decades are enabling the extremely rich to purchase businesses and real estate at fire sale prices; defend abolition of health care, education, and other social programs; and justify privatization of the public sector in the U.S. and Europe.

Attaining The Heights Of Leadership

Attaining The Heights Of Leadership

Changes in economic and social trends offer corporate managers opportunities to become great leaders. We have arrived at perhaps the greatest revolution in history, a Consciousness Revolution. We understand that systems that pollute and squander resources have failed us; they must be replaced by ones that enhance the environment and global living standards. John Perkins has devoted four decades to managing companies and advising corporations, governments, and international agencies on strategies for success. Join him as he shares his insights and his optimism for the future and spells out strategies that will work for you and your business.

Corruption & Assassination – Secret Weapons of The U.S. Policy

Corruption & Assassination - Secret Weapons of The U.S. Policy

Drawing on experiences discussed in his New York Times bestsellers, John Perkins describes the post-World War II era as one that created history’s first truly global empire – mostly through economics, rather than the military. He shares his personal involvement in the “deal of the century” Saudi Arabia money laundering affair, the assassinations of Ecuador’s President Jaime Roldos and Panama’s Omar Torrijos, the campaign against Saddam Hussein, and more. He discusses his role as a leader in promoting what he calls a death economy, based on ravaging resources. Then he takes the discussion to the next level by offering practical strategies for turning the death economy into a life economy – one that cleans up pollution and creates new technologies for energy, transportation, banking, communications, and manufacturing.

Geo-Politics, The Future, & You: A Call To Action

Geo-Politics, The Future, & You: A Call To Action

John Perkins discusses his experiences as an economic hit man, the empire that resulted from those actions, and the plan for creating a sustainable, regenerative, just, and peaceful world as presented in his book The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. After ten years as an economic hit man, Perkins had an epiphany in 1980, as he sat in the ruins of an old sugar plantation in the Virgin Islands. He was struck by the realization that the plantation was built on the bones of slaves and then he had to admit that his line of work was the modern equivalent of a slaver. In this program, he discusses this epiphany which initiated his personal change, and the reasons he is optimistic that we can create human societies our children will be proud to inherit.

Economic Hit Man & the Prophecies – Changing The World

Economic Hit Man & the Prophecies - Changing The World

Sharing his experiences as a shaman’s apprentice – John Perkins leads you on a journey of optimism for creating a sustainable, regenerative, just, and peaceful world. “We have entered a period in history,” he says, “that is prophesized by many cultures as a time to leave behind a colonizing world view and recognize that we are but one community of a fragile species living on a tiny planet.” These prophecies are consistent with shifts in policies that Perkins sees occurring throughout the corporate world. In this program, he tells the stories of Polynesian shamans who shapeshift through oceans, Amazonian warriors who transform into anacondas, Andean bird people and Tibetan monks who bi-locate across mountains. These shamans teach that life is energy and that new forms become possible by altering energy patterns on individual, institutional, and global levels. Perkins shares how you can create this change and work toward developing sustainable and regenerative systems in your personal and/or business life.

Transforming Turmoil Into A New Economy

Transforming Turmoil Into A New Economy

For the first time in history, every human being faces the same crises – including climate change, diminishing resources, and economic turmoil. It is time, John Perkins shares, to develop a model that takes us out of a war-based, exploitative economy into one committed to creating a world which future generations will want to inherit. Every major current crisis can be traced to corporate goals of maximizing profits regardless of the social and environmental costs. By recognizing that the market place is a democratic voting booth, we the people have the power to demand new goals, ones focused on developing a sustainable, regenerative, just, and peaceful world. Find out how in this exciting and hopeful presentation.

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