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The NRA – A Symbol Beyond Guns

Recent marches, demonstrations, news reports, editorials, and blogs detailing the urgency of new gun laws have brought to light the extreme and insidious powers of the National Rifle Association (NRA). We have learned that it isn’t just about mass shootings in schools, churches, theaters, and other public areas. It isn’t just about Stephon Clark and the other victims of police guns.  The

A Message From Our Ancestors

Visiting ancient sites of the Aboriginal people here in Australia, I am struck by both their deep connection with nature and their fascination with the mysteries of the universe. The cave drawings and glyphs carved into stone cliffs that I have seen tell stories similar to those still told today by my indigenous friends, the Shuar and Achuar of the Amazon, the Kogi of Colombia, and the Maya of

Sex Crimes, Government Transparency, and You

By John Perkins The Harvard Business Review recently reported that, since the October allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, nearly 100 other powerful people – “names you probably recognize” – have been accused of sexual harassment, rape, and other misconduct. (1) These revelations follow the avalanche of accusations against Catholic priests and their superiors that have

Kogi Support Offered Through the “Land for the Kogi” Initiative

A Report by Farrah Garan December 27, 2017 The participants in the December 2016 Colombian Journey, led by Daniel Koupermann and John Perkins, collectively raised $9515 USD to support the Kogi indigenous people. The primary goal for these funds was to purchase land for the community of Tayku. I (Farrah) was the only representative from our group able to return to Colombia to oversee the

2018 Question: Are our Leaders Really that Stupid? Or. . .

A couple spaces left on John’s trip to the sacred sites, ceremonies, and shamans of the Maya. Sign up now. By John Perkins News about civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other countries where US military

The Pyramids’ Message

Just a few spaces left on John’s January trip to the sacred sites, ceremonies, and shamans of the Maya. Sign up now.   By John Perkins I prepare to return to the sacred sites of the Maya and join their shamans in life-changing ceremonies and personal readings and healings, and I think about the lessons their history has taught us. Our world today is threatened by crises similar to those