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Omega Institute – Rhinebeck, NY

August 22-26, 2018

Nature teaches us to alter reality by changing our perceptions about the impossible. A tiny seed breaks through cement. You commit to your path, and the ‘cement’ that kept you from achieving your heart’s desire is broken. When John’s life was saved and forever changed by shamans and plants in the Amazon, he learned to “touch the jaguar,” face fear and convert it to courage and actions. Now, through shamanic journeying and ceremony, you will commit to your heart’s desire and open to the secrets of the plants. You’ll find your Jaguar and the courage to harness its power.

Shapeshifting Ourselves and the World With John Perkins and Daniel Koupermann

December 4th-15th, 2018

You are invited to pioneer something that is truly amazing – to join John Perkins and his Ecuadorian partner Daniel Koupermann in a ground-breaking trip that builds a bridge between cultures in magical ways that have never happened before. The Kogi of the Sierra Nevada mountains were so deeply impressed by the participants on the December 2015, 2016, and 2017 trips and their dedication to “changing the dream of the industrial world” that they have asked us to take this relationship to new heights. They’ve invited the 2018 group to spend more time in their communities and to delve deeply into sacred ceremonies that they say have been kept secret from outsiders – until now. 

Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness with John Perkins and Daniel Koupermann

January 2-9, 2019

Soar into the power and mystery of the ancient prophecies. Join John Perkins, NY Times bestselling author and leading expert on indigenous cultures and shamanism, Daniel Koupermann, expedition guide and environmentalist, and local Mayan shamans (“Nanas” and “Tatas”), teachers, and Day-keepers (Calendar readers) on this life-changing adventure to the mountains and rain forests of Central America. Apply “shapeshifting” approaches; elevate yourself to higher states of consciousness; receive personal healings, calendar readings and divinations of your future from Mayan shamans; transform yourself and the world around you.

With John Perkins and Daniel Koupermann

January 10-18, 2019

Indigenous prophecies tell us that we have entered history’s greatest revolution – the Consciousness Revolution. Powerful plants and indigenous shamans are guiding us to shapeshift into this new era. Plant teachings focus on four categories: 1) beauty, 2) nutrition, 3) healing, and 4) the sacred and divine. On this journey with two of the world’s leading experts and their indigenous friends, you will have the opportunity to learn from all four and to journey deep into plant spirits. Join John Perkins, NY Times bestselling author and leading authority on indigenous cultures and shamanism who was initiated as an Ayahuasca shaman four decades ago, Daniel Koupermann, expedition guide, plant expert, and environmentalist, and local teachers. Experience shapeshifting. Elevate yourself to higher states of consciousness.